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Welcome to the 3v3 Challenge website.

This website is an expression of a thought experiment I like to do which is, like most of my other thought experiments, mostly a huge waste of time but also awesome.  The thought goes as follows:

What if you had a 3 on 3 fight scene between three characters who were all played by the same actor in various depictions in different movies/TV shows?

Answer: it would be AWESOME!  Of course.   If you did it right.

Example: a 3 on 3 fight scene between three characters played by Liam Neeson and Iam McKellan. Liam Neeson’s team: Qui-Gon Jinn [Star Wars Episode 1], Aslan [Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe], and R’as Al-Ghul [Batman Begins].  Ian McKellan’s team: Gandalf the White [Lord of the Rings], Magneto [X-men], Iorek Byrnison [The Golden Compass].

Note that many action stars would produce very boring teams, as all their team members look, talk and fight the same.  I’m more interested in exploring a diverse team, often one with supernatural abilities (okay so I’m mostly a SciFi/Fantasy moviegoer).

One other note: in real fights there’s a huge element of chance, and it’s frankly unrealistic to assume one team is strictly better than another and would win every time.  There’s also a huge narrative and emotional element, AKA “No way Gandalf would lose to X, he’s my favorite.”  I do have a goal of writing how some actual fights could go down, but don’t deceive yourself into thinking there’s an objective answer.  The subjectivity is part of what makes it fun!  Whoever wins is probably who you want to win.

Some side rules:

  • The stipulation is it’s the actor who receives main credit (whether in-person or voice acting), so no stunt doubles allowed.
  • No doubling up.  If it’s the same character from different movies, you can only choose them once (so no triple-Gandalf team just because there are three Lord of the Rings movies).
  • You can choose the character from any point of the work (e.g. before or after they gain some ability or detriment) but it can’t be a composite without a good reason
  • The characters may be assumed to be able to communicate and have some compelling reason to work together, and may be assumed to negotiate the terms of the match.

That’s all I can think of for now!  Feel free to leave a comment in this post suggesting teams (I’ll be putting up the first few that I’ve already thought out)

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